These Plants Clean The Air In Your Home And Are Oxygen Bombs

Everyone wants to live in a nice clean environment with minimal chemicals and pollutants. However, this is sometimes easier said than done and can actually prove to be quite a complex task, especially in winter when the air doesn’t filter and circulate very well. Here are a set of plants that will help clean the air in any home.


These plants will brighten any kitchen but will also help clean the air of any cheap and low-quality toxic detergents or cleaning liquids. While it’s better to use better quality and environmentally friendly cleaners and detergents in the first place, these plants will make the air a bit fresher.

English Ivy

English Ivy is quite an invasive plant so it’s best if it’s grown in pots. Even though it’s invasive, it’s incredibly useful. A number of research studies how found that it’s quite useful in eliminating airborne fecal-matter particles, as well as carcinogens. The planet would help to purify small areas from any second-hand smoke. What also makes this plant a good choice is that it’s flexible when it comes to growing conditions and doesn’t require much maintenance. It will grow pretty much anywhere and apart from the occasional drop of water or doesn’t need much attention.

Peace Lily

Another popular plant is the peace lily. For optimum benefits, it’s best to grow it in a laundry or bathroom as it specializes in the removal of mold spores. Along with the beautiful flowers it produces and the mold removing abilities, the plant is also known to remove formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. That said, it’s best to keep it out of the way of any pets, especially cats as it’s known to be extremely toxic to them.

The Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is not very well known but is another amazing species. It does most of its important work at night when it sucks in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, helping people to sleep better. It’s a popular choice to keep in bedrooms or even living rooms as it also has the ability to remove formaldehyde from the air that has leaked from carpets and wood furniture.

The Spider Plant

Next on this list is the Spider Plant. It makes a wonderful decorative plant for kitchens or offices and has even better capabilities. It needs natural light but shouldn’t be exposed directly to the sun. They thrive well and done require too much maintenance. They do a great job of absorbing carbon monoxide so are really useful plants.

Bamboo Palm

Another great addition to any interior space is Bamboo palm. Normally never growing larger than 10 feet tall, it easily fits into any home. It is recognized around the world as being one of the best plants at filtering out benzene and trichloroethylene, both of which can regularly creep into living spaces. The bamboo palm is also great next to pieces of furniture that may be prone to off-gassing formaldehyde. The uses for this plant never cease to amaze.

The Chinese Evergreen

This lovely plant is similar to the peace lily. It can grow in little light and can sometimes bloom with beautiful berries too. What truly makes this plant special though is the development of its effectiveness. The more time the plant spends in a space, the more effective it becomes at removing the air pollutants and toxins of the area. It has a positive feedback effect over time, which is both very cool and very useful.

Aloe Vera

The final and probably one of the most famous plants on this list is Aloe Vera. The Aloe Vera plant is extremely easy to grow and maintain. Furthermore, just as all the other plants on this list, it’s excellent at filtering out air pollutants and toxins. It doesn’t stop there though. It has a wide range of useful benefits. What really sets it ahead of the rest though, is the healing ability of the gel within each of its leaves. Rich in vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B12 and many more, the gel can effectively be used to help heal cuts and burns. This super plant has also been linked to detoxification, alkalinity, digestion, the immune system, skin health and so much more. All of that from a little plant that can be grown in any home.

There you have it. These are some of the best plants in the world to clean any interior space be it living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, office space, anything! They can clean up the air, remove any toxins and make it a lot healthier to breathe.