This Optical Illusion Has Everyone Divided: Ocean or Car Door?

A Twitter user posted a photo and while some people see as a beachscape, others see as something completely different.

I want you to take a look at this picture. What do you see?

Most people have claimed to see an ocean view from the beach, at night. While others are adamant that this is the bottom of a badly scraped car door.

I know, I know, it’s a tricky one.

Some people are convinced their artistic brain is making this image appear more beautiful than it really is.

We agree. this picture is not ordinary.

Which really makes us think about the implications of perspective. By removing objects around an image, or only showing part of the whole, we can manipulate ours and other’s perspectives. It’s truly amazing when you think about it.

So what is this image of anyways? Is it a beautiful beach view at night with the waves crashing on shore?

Or is it just some boring old battered car door in need of desperate repair?

Many social media users argued that the photo was most definitely of a beach, but if you are one of those people, you are unfortunately wrong.

The originator of the image, Nayem, confirmed on Twitter that the picture is of the lower part of a car gate, or the protective cover at the bottom of a car door, which is in need of repairs

Twitter user Nayem tweeted ‘if you can see a beach, ocean sky, rocks and stars then you are an artist, But its not a painting its lower part of the car gate which needs to be repaired.’

Most people seemed to see a beach scene until they looked a lot harder and saw the ragged bottom edge of an old car door in need of some serious fixing.

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