One Man Accidentally Created The World’s Hottest Chili (And It’s Deadly)

A Welsh farmer has created the world’s hottest chili, and it is so hot it might be deadly to anyone who dares eat it.

The chili was created by Mike Smith of Denbighshire, who was trying to create a beautiful looking chili plant for the Chelsea Flower show.

Needless to say, Mr Smith was a little surprised when he placed the chilli on his tongue.

He told the Daily Post that the chili just burned and burned.

“I spat it out in about 10 seconds,” he said.

Created in conjunction with scientists from Nottingham University, who are interested in the chili as an alternative to anesthesia, Mr Smith’s plant far surpasses the hottest chili on the Scoville heat scale, The Carolina Reaper.

The Reaper which was previously named the hottest chili on the world, is rated at 2.2 million on the scale.

Smith’s chili which has been appropriately named Dragon’s Breath is rated at 2.48 million.

To put it into perspective, a bird’s eye chili is only rated at 100,000-200, 000 on the scale.

The Scoville scale measures heat intensity in terms of how detectable one drop is per drops of water. That means that just one drop of oil from Dragon’s Breath is detectable in 2.48 million drops of water.

The Telegraph reports that Mr Smith’s chili was created by “complete accident” however, the project was undertaken with the help of scientists from Nottingham Trent University. They plan to study the medicinal use of chilies as an anesthetic.

Scientists believe eating a chili so hot would make your airways close up causing you to go into anaphylactic shock and die.

Whilst this chili will probably stay out of culinary dishes, it may have some medical benefits.

The oil of the chili is thought to be so potent that it numbs the skin, making it a potential alternative anesthetic for people with allergies and people who live in poorer countries.

Mr Smith is now awaiting a confirmation letter from the Guinness Book of Records that his chili is the most potent in the world.