This 102-Year-Old Woman Is The Oldest Person to Go Skydiving [Video]

She was raising money and awareness for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia, as an act of charity.

While most of us can’t climb a ladder without our knees buckling a bit, let alone pluck up the courage for a skydive, there’s one OAP who’s putting us all to shame in a BIG way – having broken a world record after throwing herself out of a plane at the ripe old age of 102.

I know, way to make us feel pathetic.

Irene O’Shea became the oldest female skydiver on Sunday when she took part in a jump in Langhorne Creek, South Australia.

Raising money and awareness for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia, the incredible 102-year-old completed the world record charity skydive surrounded by friends and family.

She was reportedly skydiving in honour of her daughter, who SA Diving say died of motor neurone disease several years ago, with Irene saying it was the ‘perfect opportunity’ to help raise money for the charity.

According to the skydiving company, when asked by a local reporter whether she was an adrenaline junkie, Irene responded: “As far as I’m concerned I’m the same as everyone else, just a normal person.”

And believe it or not, it wasn’t her first skydive, either.

Irene actually became the oldest female skydiver in the world in 2017, before topping her record this year – and this was also her third jump with the same company since 2016.

Man, you can’t stop the woman. I hope I’m as brave as she is if I ever reach 102 – she’s clearly doing something right.

Mind you, another centenarian reckons the secret to a long and healthy life actually lies in daily mixed grills and wines.

100-year-old Arthur Grisbook, who’s from Buckinghamshire, says he doesn’t ‘worry about what the so-called experts say’, and instead most nights polishes off a mixed grill – a proper one, at that, being a heady mix of steak, gammon, sausages, a fried egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas, chips, hash browns. The lot.

He then washes all that down with a couple of glasses of red wine, because why the hell not?

The widowed great-granddad-of-three said: “I believe in doing things moderately and sensibly. I drink most nights with my meals.

“Even in my old age I still want to live as independently as I possibly can.

“With age the gullet becomes narrower, that’s just a feature of age. But mixed grills are quite tasty and easy to cook and eat.”

Yep, daily mixed grills and glasses of wine sound much more up my street than plummeting thousands of feet to the ground from a plane – like I said, you’re showing us all up, Irene!

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