One Family Has Kept An Awkward Tradition Of Sending Out Hilarious Holiday Cards For 15 Years

The Bergeron Family took that spice to an entirely new level. Since 2003, this zany (aka #familygoals) family has produced some priceless holiday cards. Mike, Laura, their two adorable daughters known as “Gigi” and “Juju” online, take on a new theme each year. From pop-culture to awkward family photos, their creativity seems to know no bounds. We hope they credit the JC Penney photo studio as their muse because, without them, we would not be blessed with the pure enjoyment you’re about to belly-laugh at.

Below, Mike Bergeron recounts some of the inspirations for the themes of each year’s card — including this year’s brand new 2018 masterpiece!

2018: The West Texans — “We thought we would try to capitalize on the girls’ cuteness this year and leave most of the “awkwardness” to the adults (big thanks to Dione Cherie for doing the girls’ make-up.) When we went into the JC Penney Portrait Studio, Gigi was quick to let the staff know that we are famous.  Laura then told Gigi that , “You’re not famous if you have to tell people that you are famous.”  I can say from experience that the whole “Don’t you know who I am?” approach is pretty much useless if you’re looking for any free perks or special treatment.

2017: Gingers in Paradise — “We went in a slightly different direction this year, which required stepping out of the JCP Portrait Studio and using a photographer (big thanks to Marco Montenegro) at the local beach. This our nod to the ever-so-popular holiday card theme that says “Look at us soaking up the sun’s rays in a beautiful tropical paradise while you’re freezing…don’t you wish you were us?” Merry Xmas everyone :)”

2016: Cussin Jerry Nem — A little over a year ago, Gigi started calling me “Cousin Jerry.” It caught on with her little sister and, after a while, I started talking to them as I imagined Cousin Jerry would. Since then, he has become a regular visitor in our household, so it seemed fitting to share him with all of you this holiday season. If y’all are lucky, you may get to see “Creepy Larry” (another Gigi-inspired character) and his family in a future card…we’ll just have to see. Side note…and I feel like I say this every year, but…look at Gigi bringing it!!!”

2015: Les Modèles (AKA Fashionistas, AKA Euro Trash) — “His shoes – $850, her shoes – $950, spending your holiday with the Bergerons – priceless.”

2014: The Holidays Are Such a Drag — “I doubt if anyone at the JC Penney Portrait Studio even thought twice about Laura and the girls, but it was a pretty busy year and we were waiting for about 45 minutes for the photographer to be available, so I am certain that my presence made a lot of people uncomfortable in the studio’s waiting area. I had to hunt high and low for shoes that would fit me (thanks Lane Bryant) and, of course, I shaved my legs, so you can imagine how excited I was that we wound up choosing a shot from the waist up. And, seriously, how friggin‘ cute are those boys? If we had given Gigi glasses, I think she would’ve looked an awful lot like Ralphie!”

2013: Jazz Hands — Sometimes you catch lightning in a bottle 🙂 Look at Laura…bringing it! Look at Gigi…bringing it! Look at Juju…well, protesting (at least she’s consistent). I am truly blessed.”

2012: Goth Xmas — “This is your legacy, girls…embrace it!”

2011: The Unibrows — “I love the idea for this picture, but personally, I think it could’ve been better executed. Don’t get me wrong, we look funny & Gigi really gives the card a whole other dynamic with her incredible cuteness, but I think this concept had the potential to be our best card ever, if we had done it right.”

2009: Los Cholos — ”This is my personal favorite. Some cards are obviously a joke, but when a card looks as real as this one, it is something special. Again, on this particular year, we weren’t able to take the picture until after Thanksgiving, so the JC Penney photo studio was very busy and we had to wait for an hour to get in. “

2008: Merry Krishnas — We got started a little late this year, which meant that when we went to JC Penney to take our picture, there was a one hour wait. We walked through the mall and wound up eating dinner in the food court. I only wish that we had brought flowers.”

1981-2010: Olin Mills Family Portrait (from 1981-2010) — “May your holiday table be a smorgasbord of cheese balls, fruitcakes and hams! In many ways, this card best represents what we were trying to achieve from the very beginning. Our concept was inspired by the inherently awkward nature of holiday family photos that has now become so popular in the age of the internet. We wanted to try to capture that awkwardness (in a next level sort of way) and give everyone we know the gift of having a funny card on their fridge that would capture the spirit of the holiday season.

“When they had people over to their house during the holidays, they could take pleasure in seeing their guests’ reactions upon viewing the card without realizing it was a joke. On a side note, as a bald man who has known his entire life that he would grow up to be bald, it had been a longtime aspiration of mine to sport a combover at some point because they are so fascinating in their ridiculousness!

“So, this particular card allowed me to not only fulfill a lifelong dream, but also to capture it in all of its glory for the ages 🙂 …and look at Gigi, only 2-months-old and already making silly faces with the rest of us…what a natural!”