What You See First Reveals A Hidden Aspect Of Your Subconscious Personality

The way we see the world, and things around us, can vastly shape who we are. In other words, our personality, and our subconscious thoughts as well.

You might look at a painting and see a glorious sunrise, fresh dew on the blades of grass, and feel inspired with hope. While another person might look at the exact same thing and get a totally different perception in mind- perhaps they were reminded of something painful or sad when they saw the same thing you found beauty in.

This is the premise for Rorschach tests, or ink blots as they are commonly known. Let’s try our own visual image test.

Take a look at the image below. What you notice first will offer a peek into your personality!

1. A Girl

Creativity is your prominent strength, but you also have a unique brand of charm. People love your charm and you know it, so you are sure to bring it out to attract attention. Some are envious of you because of your popularity. Love is a game to you, and as such, you have the reputation of a player. You rarely open up to your romantic partners, preferring instead to keep them entertained with your wit and beguiling ways.

2. A Skull

You are soft and tolerant of many viewpoints. You excel at embracing all opinions and ideas. Knowing you will be an unbiased judge, others often seek your counsel. You are a fast learner, as well, making you quick to adapt to new situations. Your intelligence, fair-mindedness and generosity all lend itself to your superb social skills.

3. The Forest Outside

Wow, you are pulsating with passion and a zest for life! And that sense of humor…? It makes everyone want to be around you! Simply being around you can improve the moods of others. When you get an idea, you run with it, and you have a way of getting others to follow your lead. Furthermore, you are responsible and trustworthy.

4. All Three At The Same Time

You are indeed a rare gem. People often try to figure you out, but you can’t be pinned down. Even the most discerning of individuals can’t seem to see through to your inner core. This, juxtaposed with your superb observational skills, can be both a blessing and a curse. You see the world as it truly is, but it’s not often others see you. While this guards your heart, it can be a little lonely at times.