Artist Or Businessman? Your Fingertip Can Reveal Your Character Distinctions

You will be surprised to learn that a thumb tip can help you learn a little about the person’s character, according to palmistry. That is why you shouldn’t give everyone a thumbs-up – others may also be aware of the method we outline here to reveal the secrets of your character!

Spatulate tip

Usually, active business people own this type of tip. If you have noticed a person with this finger shape, most likely, it is a business person!

Conical tip

You can find this shape in a creative and vulnerable person. Most likely, you see an artist in front of you, so try to be gentle!

Narrow tip

This shape can be found in diplomatic and tactful people. Even if they are forced to say no to someone, they will try not to offend anyone and bring as much benefit as possible.

Pointed tip

The pointed tip is owned by insightful people. Their nature resembles the shape of their thumb! They will present even the most negative news gently and calmly.

Square tip

These are people with simple values. This form indicates a fair and practical person.

Wide tip

Although people with this shape are reserved, it indicates their caution. They have their own view of the world, giving them the ability to show off their unique and interesting beliefs!

Wide and flat tip

This is a rare finger shape, which is often hereditary. Such people are inconsistent: they are either very patient or go crazy over the smallest trifles.

When you evaluate a person, you shouldn’t rely solely on this information. However, it is still interesting to pay attention to a person’s thumb tip.

What about you? What type of thumb do you have? Is the description appropriate? Share your thoughts in the comments.