10 Uncomfortable Feelings That Indicate You Are On The Right Path

Not all of us believe that the Universe communicates with us. We feel like such a small speck in the vastness of space that we often forget that we are part of a bigger plan. We go through life by motion, not always experiencing and making meaning out of the things that happen to us. We all try to do our best to make our life meaningful, but not always knowing if we are doing the right things.

Change is hard, progress is scary, moving out of the comfort zone can be painful but this is the only way we become better people. Thankfully, the Universe sends you signs that you’re on the right track despite the difficulties and challenges, so look out for them.

So, while you may feel you are struggling at times — and that may certainly feel uncomfortable — here are 10 Signs That You’re on the Right Path:

1. Intense Mood Swings

It is natural that we make an effort to avoid experiencing any sort of negative emotions, but they only come back stronger and unexpectedly when we suppress them. You can go through sudden flared up anger than you can’t control for an hour or so, feel stable again, only to feel intense sadness that doesn’t let you work at all. These mood swings are your mind’s way of experiencing built up feelings to make space for other emotions like joy and contentment. If we’ve felt sadness, pain and anger but chose to bury them, this is the time they unearth themselves.

2. Self-Reliance

Most of us look at external circumstances and other people to make us happy. If people don’t treat us like we want them to, or if things don’t go the way we want, we end up feeling extremely upset. If someone doesn’t like us, for example, we might spend hours trying to figure out why. When we finally realize that we are the only ones that can control our emotions, thoughts and reactions, we feel extremely liberated. Our life and its path is only in our control and no one else’s, but it takes everyone time to realize this.

3. A life-changing event has occurred or is about to occur.

Life changes are always opportunities. No matter how difficult, they are open doors that invite you to create something new.

4. You feel “lost” or directionless.

When you release a long-held narrative that no longer serves you, you will be living with more awareness for the present moment, giving you greater clarity on the immediate steps to take toward your dreams.

5. You’re experiencing “brain fog.”

Feeling less organized, struggling to focus, and experiencing irritating memory issues can indicate you’re awakening to a more creative and intuitive space where you can deal with emotions more clearly and easily. Be gentle with yourself as you work through this phase.

6. You’re feeling brutalized by your own thoughts.

You’re becoming aware of just how instrumental your own thought patterns have been in your happiness (or lack thereof). You are no longer OK with a destructive inner monologue that keeps you stuck. You’re ready to heal and develop a new “script” that aligns with your values for life, health, and healing.

7. You have a stronger desire to speak up for yourself.

The desire to respect yourself and “have your own back” begins with your thoughts, but eventually extends to your external relationships. This is a critical step in your journey and helps you clarify your boundaries, which creates the comfort, safety, and consistency you seek.

8. You have an intense need to be alone.

Solitude provides space for reflection and re-calibration. Take time to respect this desire, give it the attention it deserves. Journal what you discover and you will be rewarded with insights and “a-ha moments” that are truly life changing.

9. You have an intense need to be connected.

Once you respect time alone, you will desire to connect more fully with others who support your journey, who’s values align with your own, and who’s very presence edifies your soul. Community is a gift, a deep well from which you can gain refreshment, enlightenment, and rejuvenation.

10. You recognize that you have a long way to go.

Seeing life and happiness as a journey, rather than a destination frees you from the disappointment of the truth that “this too shall pass.” No matter what the circumstances, you will have the mindset to walk the path of life with grace and wonderment for what is and what will be.

Discomfort is truly a sign that you’re ready for something deeper, that you’re no longer okay with treading water.

Your personal growth nourishes your soul and allows it to flourish so that your unique gifts can be fully expressed as your journey through life unfolds.