There’s An Entire Range Of Miniature Furniture For Cats And It’s Amazing

For many people, pets are the new kids, and a lot of people treat their fur babies like humans. There’s a name for this: Anthropomorphism, the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to an animal or object. Along these lines, there is now miniature furniture for cats, because let’s face it — your human furniture just isn’t good enough for Whiskers of Fluffy’s sophisticated taste.

Just like people purchase pint-sized furniture for their kids, pet lovers can now get real, handcrafted furniture for their cats, which begs the questions — who’s really in charge in your pet/person relationship?

According to The Spruce, 83 percent of pet owners now call themselves their pet’s mommy or daddy (guilty right here). And as your pet’s parent, it is clearly your responsibility to make sure your four-legged friend has everything they need to live a happy, productive, and luxurious life.

If your cat has been snubbing your plain old human furniture, or perhaps they’ve taken it over and caused you to have to sit on the floor, this custom-made cat furniture can restore order to your restless kingdom.

And, while your cat is enjoying its new digs, why not treat them to a special bath with this LICKI Brush you can attach to your tongue to enhance your feline/human bonding time? After all, life is really all making your cat happy. Because, upset cats can be vindictive, and they like to express their feelings in passive aggressive ways. Like, by peeing in your underwear drawer.

IKEA recently released a line of pet furniture, and it’s basically just stylish furniture-type items for pets. However, Japanese furniture designers are taking the trend one step further by creating miniature human furniture for pets so you can create a room for your pet that looks pretty similar to a dollhouse. Okawa Furniture makes handcrafted, quality feline furniture that will satisfy even the most selfish and greedy cats, according to its website.

Tired of kitty getting your human couch all furry? Now, your cat can have its own couch and bed, and these pieces are nicer than most furniture people buy for themselves. Because, only the best for Fluffy. If it sounds a little indulgent to buy such an extravagant set of furniture for your cat, a lot of people are doing it. While this doesn’t make it any less strange, it’s always good to know you’re not alone in your weirdness. In fact, The Spruce reported that pet care spending has surpassed that of children’s toys, which means that people are spending more on their four-legged kids than on their two-legged ones.

OK, I have a confession to make. My dog has a $200 dog highchair, but before you come to the conclusion that I’ve gone totally around the bend, its only because she also suffers from a disease called canine megaesophagus. This means her esophagus is paralyzed and she can’t swallow her food unless she is sitting upright like a human child.

And because she has to eat two meals a day in her chair, I thought it might as well be attractive as well as functional because I am a hardcore Libra, and how my home looks is pretty important to me. So, not just any old dog highchair will do. This is how people rationalize pet furniture.