The First 3 Words You See Will Describe Exactly How Your 2019 Will Turn Out

Obviously there is no scientific analysis at play here; this is just a fun little post to inspire you to live your best year possible.

The new year brings us new hope and the possibility to start all over again, leaving the past behind. It is a fresh feeling but also a bit scary at times as we don’t really know what the year holds for us. Is 2019 going to be your year or just another year you have to get through? Will the universe play tricks on you or will the year be a pure treat?

Observe the picture below, spot 3 words and we’ll tell you what they stand for. First 3 words only, no cheating!

1. Money

If you saw money, then here’s to hoping that all your financial issues will board the train to hell and leave you in peace. The monetary struggles you’ve faced this year will fade and you will be able to save up and do things you’ve always wanted. Keep doing the hard work that you do and money will flow in. Don’t let a failure or two drag you down, you’ve got it!

2. Friendship

Finding good friends in this day and age is equivalent to finding a lost hidden treasure. Having someone who’s with you through thick and thin in your life is truly a blessing. If friendship was one of the words you spotted, you’ll find amazing people in 2019 and you’ll instantly click. If you already have a lot of friends, this might also mean that the bond you share will become stronger and unbreakable.

3. Pain

If pain was one of the words you saw, this might mean that the shadows of your past will follow you into the new year. Pain here can stand for sadness, health issues, family issues, the feeling of being not good enough and so on. Realize that nothing lasts forever and whatever it is which is bothering you will vanish with time. All you gotta do is stay strong and hold your head up.

4. Fame

This is it. This is the year you’ve been waiting for! Your years of hard work and dedication will finally bear fruits this year and people will start appreciating you for who you are. Be it your workplace or your circle of friends, people will start respecting you and you’ll emerge as the one who inspires others. Some will envy your new found popularity of course so choose carefully who you hang out with!

5. Love

All the singles in the club make some noise because if love was one of the words you first spotted in the picture, the one you’ve been waiting for all your life might cross your path this year. This person and you will fit like two peas in a pod and no matter how much time you spend together, you’ll never get enough of each other. Or, maybe the person has been around you all along but you just never noticed. Keep your eyes and heart open!

6. Heartbreak

If heartbreak was one of the first words you spotted in the picture, get prepared for the worst. The ones you loved the most and trusted blindly will betray you and leave you sad and disappointed. You’ll find yourself in a dark corner but you’ll soon realize they were never there for you anyway and you deserve much better.

7. Success

If success was the first word you spotted, this is your time to shine. This new year, you will rise as a winner. Be it wanting to go to the gym every day and eat healthily, cutting toxic people out from your life or finally ditching the societal norms and doing what you always wanted, you’ll succeed in everything you do. This year will bring you positivity and immense inner strength. Don’t hold yourself back, go for it!