69-Year-Old Man Claims That He Identifies As A 49-Year-Old And Is Looking To Change His Age Legally

A 69-year-old man who claims to identify as a 49-year-old is now trying to get his age legally changed. Emile Ratelband, a Netherlands media personality, says he believes that if a transgender person can change their sex, he should be able to change his date of birth. Ratelband maintains that doctors have told him he has the body of a 45-year-old and believes that changing his age would help him get more dates on Tinder.

Age change. Earlier this week, 69-year-old Emile Ratelband announced he’s going to legally pursue having his age changed to 45. The positivity guru says he identifies as a person 20 years younger and believes changing his age will help his dating life.

Date of birth. According to the Daily Mail UK, Ratelband was born on March 11, 1949, but is looking to have the year of his birth changed to 1969. He believes getting his age changed would also help him get a new house, a new job, and more.

Position. “When I’m on Tinder and it says I’m 69, I don’t get an answer. When I’m 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position. Transgender people can now have their gender changed on their birth certificate, and in the same spirit there should be room for an age change,” said Ratelband, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

Benefits. The man maintains that his age has kept him from getting a job, as no one wants to hire someone of his age. He also believes that changing his age will benefit not just him, but the government as he would be required to give up his pension.

Free. “With this free(dom) of choice, choice of name, freeness of gender, I want to have my own age. I want to control myself. So when I ask for a mortgage, for example, they say it’s impossible. If I go on Tinder, then I get women from 68, 69 when women are there,” said Ratelband, as reported by Yahoo.

Truth. When asked why he simply doesn’t just bend the truth when it comes to his age, he responded with: “I don’t want to lie. I want to be myself, so don’t force me to lie.”

Journey. There have been some complications during Ratelband’s journey to have his age changed as it would mean essentially “deleting” a chunk of his life. A human rights expert maintains that identifying as someone of a different age is also not the same as identifying as a different gender.

Chance. “It’s quite clear that elderly people have a much smaller chance of getting a job than younger people. But that’s just one element and it’s only something that happens to you once you reach the age of 40, 45, 50, depending a bit on your job,” said Marjolein van den Brink, as reported by Yahoo.

Everything. But for people who identify as a different gender, life can be much harder. “Whereas gender is something that follows you from birth to grave, and it determines nearly everything — and not just in the labor market but everywhere,” continued van den Brink.

Decision. Ratelband is currently awaiting the decision from the city where he lives as to whether or not he’ll be able to change his age. He also says he is looking forward to a better future for him and his kids.

Future. “Now I’m an old man. I have to save my money to give to my kids so that they can live. But If I have that age again, I have hope again. I’m new again. The whole future is there for me again,” said Ratelband, as reported by Yahoo.

Pressure. Other experts have weighed in on Ratelband’s unconventional request, by agreeing that there is a lot of pressure on men to look younger.

Healthy. “Signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and grey hair are not a problem as long as the overall impression a man gives is that he’s fit and energetic. Healthy is the new sexy,” said writer Coen Wulms, as reported by the Standard UK.

Attention. Others have accused Ratelband of doing this as a a publicity stunt. Wulms even maintains that Ratelband is someone who “thrives on media attention”.

Decision. The court is said to be making a decision within the next month. It’a unclear whether or not Ratelband plans on appealing the case if he doesn’t win.