‘Siempre Bruja,’ the Show About a Time-Traveling Afro-Colombian Witch will be on Netflix

Afro-Colombian actress Angely Gaviria will star in the series as Carmen, a slave and witch, who was killed in Cartagena during the 17th century for falling in love. The show highlights the Afro-Colombian culture and chronicles Carmen getting accustomed to life in a more technologically advanced world.

The long reign of the bruja in contemporary pop culture will continue well into next year. That’s when Netflix will be releasing its latest Colombian show. Titled Siempre bruja (Always a Witch), this coastal drama follows Carmen (newcomer Angely Gaviria), a 19-year-old slave and a witch who’s about to burned at the stake in colonial Cartagena. Her crime? Having fallen in love with a white man.

Thankfully an old wizard offers her salvation: she can time travel to a time and place where no one believes in witches (aka the present day). There’s only one catch: she has to promise to never use her powers. After she agrees, she finds herself in contemporary Colombia.

There, she finds new friends and starts to build a promising new life for herself. But, as its title suggests, once a witch, always a witch. Having teased the cast and the series a while back, the streaming network finally revealed the show’s release date. In a teaser video set against a colorful street in Cartagena, young Carmen struts by in a striking floral dress as ivy magically grows onto the walls around her. Catch the full La Perla-scored teaser video below and mark your calendars.

Siempre Bruja is inspired by the novel Yo, Bruja written by Isidora Chacon, Netflix says in a statement. Production began in summer 2018 by Caracol Television with Dago Garcia as its executive producer. The series’ directors are Liliana Bocanegra and Mateo Stivelberg and stars Angely Gaviria, telenovela star Verónica Orózco and Youtuber Dylan Fuentes.

“…Siempre Bruja is not only a magnetic young adult story that audiences will love, but also holds a powerful message of empowerment that will connect deeply with members both in Colombia and globally,” Erik Barmack, vice president of International Originals, continues in the statement.

Siempre bruja hits Netflix February 1, 2019, and will feature 10, 1 hour long episodes.