82 Year Old Woman Has Purse Returned To Her After Losing It 60 Years Ago

One woman lost her purse over 60 years ago, but a good deed from a stranger has found a way to return it to her- with all the belongings intact!

This is a story of a purse that has brought about some nostalgic feelings. However, what is nostalgia all about?

Nostalgia is that bittersweet yearning for things that are no more. It is a direct link to the past that leaves us with a feeling of satisfaction. Sometimes those nostalgic feelings come, and you might want to spark it up a bit. Here’s what to do:

1. Dust off your old album: Pictures do bring back old memories.

2. Read a book, an old journal entry, a diary or just something you could relate to.

3. You could spice it up by sipping coffee or tea. Aromas remind you of the past.

4. Listen to music, watch the sky, anything to evoke those special memories.

5. Also, calling a friend and reminiscing together could spark those nostalgic feelings.

The 60-year-old missing purse

Greater Clark County Schools posted A lost and found alert on their Facebook page: A purse belonging to Martha Ina Ingham was found at the Franklin Square demolition.

Martha happened to be a senior at Jeffersonville high school in 1955, and contractors who were demolishing the building for a new downtown elementary school found the purse.

The items in the purse include a 1953-54 Jeffersonville High School basketball schedule, identification cards, a letter asking her to prom and a lipstick.

Fortunately, Martha was located. According to News and Tribune, Erin Bojorquez, the public information officer with GCCS, said in a text message that:

“Marty was found thanks to the power of social media. A family member came across our post and then shared it with her youngest son. I’m thrilled I was able to connect with Marty’s family.”

School officials enlisted the help of social media to find the former student. Just two days after the initial post, they shared an old photo of Ingham along with a victorious update: “Martha Ina Ingham has been found!”

“Jeffersonville is a small city in Indiana, so I posted the photograph on our social media sites thinking she would still reside locally or have family still in the area. I’m thankful for the power of social media and for everyone that shared our post as it led me to connect with Marty’s son,” Bojorquez tells PEOPLE.


The missing purse has hurled in different responses from Facebook users.

However, we hope that this little piece of history can bring back fond memories to Martha. Hopefully, the missing purse didn’t stop her from going to prom!