11 Things You Need To Know About The Woman With The Gypsy Soul

Chances are, you’ve never met anyone like her, and you probably never will again. The woman with a gypsy soul is unforgettable.

The girl with the gypsy spirit will most likely be the most memorable person you’ve ever dated. She’s mysterious, she’s intriguing, she’s passionate to a fault.

She’ll take you along for the ride of your life, and the times you have with her will never really leave you. Though those of us who identify with her can be a little secretive at first, here are some things we’d really like you to know.

1. People who know us describe us as wild, free spirits.

We find it difficult to conform, since we’re constantly questioning what most people consider normal. We hate rules, especially if they’re arbitrary and make absolutely no sense. That’s not to say we don’t know right from wrong. We have a strong moral compass that is rooted in our intuition and we stand by it no matter what.

2. Our zest for life shows in what we wear…

We love color. You’ll often find us dressed in free flowing, comfortable clothing and jewelry of varying forms.The things we wear will often reflect nature. We like what we like. And we like ourselves.

3. But sometimes our passionate emotions can get the best of us..

We’re a sensitive bunch, so we feel more deeply and more often than other people. Sometimes we can get caught up in the whirlwind of our minds and will need you to be the calm in our storm. Most of the time, all we need you to do is hold us and tell us that it will all be okay.

4. We’re constantly testing the boundaries of our mind, body and soul.

We’re always trying to push ourselves to the next level of exploration and wonder. With us, it’s all about what is new, exciting, and challenging. We want to have conversations we’ve never had before, we want you to experiment with us in the bedroom, and we want to reach new understanding of life itself on a daily basis. We live life with so much muchness that we’ll leave you gasping for breath.

5. That’s not to say we don’t have boundaries.

Don’t take our thirst for freedom as a sort of weakness. We’re the fierce warrior types who are not afraid to stand up for ourselves and be assertive when we feel it’s necessary.

6. We admire people who choose to live courageously.

We respect uniqueness and the strength it takes for people to choose it. We’re the most progressive thinkers out there, so if we see someone living life in a different way, we’re all for it. Our friends will all be extremely unique and will have vastly differing life experiences.

We’re friends with the globetrotters, the thinkers, the wanderers. We feel that individuality brings us together in order for us to share our experiences. Exclusion is not a word we recognize.

7. We consider ourselves to be very independent people.

Since feeling free is the highest priority in our lives, we’ll often go out of our way to prove we don’t need you. Don’t get us wrong – we want you. We want you badly, but we will never need you. We need to feel that no matter what, we are complete on our own. We will never depend on someone else to make us happy because we know how important it is to fill up your own cup first.

8. We dance to the beat of our own drum.

We do our own thing, and we like it that way. We truly do not care what other people think, which makes us seem mean at times. Don’t take it personally. We love a sense of community, but not if it gets in the way of the adventures we had planned.

9. Soulful self-expression is the air we breathe.

We are the artists, the musicians, and the philosophers of the world. If we’re not creating our own art, we are watching others create theirs. Music holds a special place in our hearts and we try to incorporate it into everything we do.

10. We love the excitement of exploring the unknown.

Our ultimate fantasy involves you, a plane ticket, and no bags. We love travelling and exploring different cultures. We may already live a nomadic lifestyle, changing the environment we live in quite often. Though this may make some feel lost and without a home, we know the Earth is our home and it would be a shame not to know and see all we can while we’re here.

11. We see life as an adventure full of magic and wonder.

Simply put, we believe in magic. We think miracles can happen, we don’t rule anything out. We are humble enough to admit that we really know nothing in the grand scheme of things, so we keep our minds as open as possible.