This Is What You Need to Know Before You Date A Brutally Honest Woman

When it comes to honesty, she’s brutal. So if you’re here to play games, whatever you do, don’t date the blunt girl. Avoid her at all costs.

She’s not the kind of girl who’s easy. She’s not going to agree with you on everything. You better believe she’s going to challenge almost every belief, not because she wants to be right all the time but because she’s curious about you and actually wants to get to know you.

Because she’s fully committed to this relationship.

She never does anything with half effort, especially relationships. When she does something, she does it with her whole heart and dating you is no different. She takes this relationship seriously and expects you to do the same.

When it comes to dates, she’s always up to try something new and fresh. When it comes to lazy Sunday conversations, she’s always up to talk about things that matter to you and her because that’s what’s truly important.

And if you’re afraid to go all the way, then don’t date the blunt girl.

Because she’s not afraid to tell you when you’ve messed up. And she expects the same because that kind of honesty equals respect. If you hate her attitude, you have to say that. If you want her to appreciate something about you, then let her know what it is.

Even better is when you listen to her call you out as well. If you’re being a jerk, she’ll tell you. If you’re giving her some ultimatum, she’ll let you know she doesn’t have time for that. These kinds of arguments will be hard to deal with it. But remember you’re both in this together and her tough love is because she knows in her heart you’re better than this.

So don’t date the blunt girl if you’re not willing to grow a thicker skin.

Because to love her, you have to accept all of her.

Yes, that includes flaws. The dangerous thing about the blunt girl is that she’s accepted her flaws and decided to live with them with no desire to change because she knows she’s not perfect and she’s okay with that.

You’ll learn to be okay with it too. You might see that one mole, that one wrinkle, those small little things that bother you and affect your relationship. If that’s the case, then leave her now. Don’t bother to erase her flaws and don’t worry when you do break up with her. You’re not breaking her heart.

Because she’ll be alright without you.

That’s harsh but that’s who the blunt girl is. She’s at a point in her life where she go about it alone because she’s content with herself.

So if you’re dating the blunt girl, be thankful because if she can love herself in such a way, she can love you the same way as well.