If You Are An Introvert, You Are More Highly Evolved According To Science

People think that extroverts have all the fun, but it’s the introverts who really know what’s up.

When it comes to issues of popularity, or even what most people think is healthier in a personality, extroversion seems to be king. Extroverts are natural party people, and that often means that they seem to naturally get along better with people. Most parents also tend to hope that their children will act extroverted when they’re in school, even when a quieter kid would be easier to handle. However, science is now beginning to show that introverts might actually have the upper hand – at least evolutionarily speaking. In a recent study, psychologists have found that introverts may actually have more social strength than their extroverted counterparts. 

It’s Been Long Believed That Introversion Is An Evolutionary Trait. Extroverts are known for being a “look before you leap” personality type. While this amount of risk taking can be very good for the battlefield or for parties, it’s not always a good thing for humanity in general.

Introverts Avoid The Problems That Extroverts Tend To Fall For. In some cases, leaping before you look can cause serious issues. Foolhardy extroverts are more likely to get the wrong kind of attention from volatile people, and may also provoke fights. If everyone was impulsive, humanity might not last very long.

Introversion Doesn’t Mean That You Can’t Be A Leader. Introverts can be wildly successful – and at times, the best leaders are introverts. Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, and Eleanor Roosevelt all were introverted leaders who went down in history.

Introverts’ Risk Aversion Can Easily Save Lives. Evolutionarily speaking, “playing it safe” tends to do the best in terms of preserving life. Basically, introverts are the voices of reason amidst a lot of crazy extroverts.

Studies Also Show That The Watchful, “Slow To Warm Up” Nature Of Introverts Has Perks. Introverts are less likely to fall for traps, and are also less likely to get fooled by tricksters. Simply put, the fact that they keep an eye out for things makes them more likely to survive in a very treacherous environment.

Moreover, Introverts’ Anxious Personalities Seems To Play A Major Role In Society. Many introverts struggle with the concern of how they appear to others. This means that they are more likely to abide rules, which in turn can benefit the entire group.

Simply Put, The Anxiety People Fear Around Others Is Preventative For Sociopathy. It’s an integral part of developing a conscience as a young child. No fear of punishment or shame can mean no feeling bad when they do something wrong.

Their Ability To Observe Also Makes Them Excellent For Jobs Require A Perceptive Personality. There’s a great reason why so many geniuses are introverted. Introverts are more observant – and not just of people. They tend to notice more things in general. This means they are more likely to pick up subtle cues and more adept at negotiating.

Their Perceptive Personalities Also Have Another Perk. Because they are more likely to notice tiny details, many introverts are excellent when it comes to making major scientific discoveries. Simply put, a lot of extroverts can’t really handle all the detail-oriented work it takes to make a breakthrough.

And, When Introverts Get Creative… You get invention. Both Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein were major introverts who helped create some of the greatest inventions known to man.

Introverts Also Tend To Learn Differently Than Extroverts. Interestingly enough, being able to learn things differently also tends to translate into different strengths. This is often why introverts tend to do well in creative endeavors or hard sciences.

Several Studies Also Show That Introverts Are More Self Aware. Because they often spend time alone to “recharge” after a meetup, they often are able to examine themselves without panicking. Extroverts, on the other hand, may feel nervous if left alone.

They Also Tend To Be Calmer Than Extroverts. Extroverts are very excitable, and that can be good for a number of things. They also tend to feel calmer in groups. However, when it comes to overall chill, introverts win out. So, if you’re looking for a mellow friend, talk to an introvert.

Introverts Are The Yin To Extroverts’ Yang. They balance one another out. That’s why society needs both types in order to survive.

And They Have A Lot To Offer. The bottom line is that this world needs introverts, because someone has to be the voice of common sense. At times, it’s the introvert’s sound judgement that helps bring great solutions to common problems…and that’s something to be proud of.