5 Phrases Mothers Say That Still Hurt Daughters To Their Core

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Actually, words do hurt, even as adults.

It happens that the closest people to you, well they can often hurt you the most.

It’s true that although a mother and an adult daughter can have disagreements, they usually have the strongest bond in the entire family…Unless the mother says these things:

5 Hurtful Phrases Mothers Say To Their Adult Daughters

For a mother, her daughter will always be her little girl regardless of her age. And sometimes, that is why they continue to treat adults like children. Along with this, phrases slip in every so often that an adult daughter may take to heart, feeling that it’s unfair.

In order to maintain a good relationship with their children for a long time, mothers need to watch what they say and never utter certain phrases.

1. “You should learn from your sister/neighbor/classmate”

Being compared to others always hurts your self-esteem, even if the mother has a noble cause – pushing her daughter to work on herself and become better, prettier, or smarter. Tips for moms: your daughter is NOT you. She is a unique entity all her own, and she is perfect as she is. The more you push her to be someone else, the more she will distance herself from you.

2. “What will people think of you?!”

Dependence on other people’s opinion limits the daughter’s opportunities, making her feel threatened and afraid of being different from conventional standards. Tips for moms: let your daughter grow into her own self. Without taking risks or trying something new, she will never evolve.

3. “I’m tired of you”

It’s normal to get a bit frustrated with someone now and then, but when you say something like “I’m tired of you” to your daughter, it can do a world of damage. Tips for moms: Unless you want these words to linger in the back of your daughter’s mind every time she thinks of you, don’t say them.

4. “You can’t do it anyway”

Disbelief in your own children can break them and leave a stain on their lives for years to come. This is where an adult daughter’s low self-esteem starts. Tips for moms: Support your children in everything they try to do, even if you don’t think they’ll succeed.

5. “He’s not a match for you”

Good parental advice is always welcomed, but when you try to interfere with your daughter’s love life, things can get messy. Tips for moms: You can speak lovingly and from the heart if you think it’s a bad choice, but once she tells you that her mind is made up, leave it be.

The list of hurtful phrases can go on and on, but the most important thing to remember is this: Love and take care of each other!