Venus Goes Direct This Friday To Bring Clarity And Resolution To Your Love Life

Venus, planet of love, is stationing direct this Friday evening. Any disagreements that surfaced during this retrograde transit are now calling for a resolution.

From an astrological association with this myth and goddess, Venus, the planet is about beauty, harmony with yourself and others (this means your co-workers,your spouse, your friends, even strangers you meet in the grocery story,for instance), as well as our own ability to be social, interactive,respectful, kind, courteous and refined.

How’s your Venus retrograde journey going? I’m sure you’d agree that this retrograde cycle will be one for the books. Venus is currently moving backward through its home sign Libra, but the planet of love traveled through the depths of the underworld in Scorpio, before making her way back to charming Libra. This transit forced us to re-evaluate our relationships, values, and self-worth. It also sparked a number of emotionally-driven power struggles, and unfinished business within our current unions. How do you feel? What’s new with your relationships? The closer we get to Venus direct, the more clarity we will get.

With Venus turning direct, you have a much more clear sense of who is really a friend–and who really isn’t–but was there for manipulative reasons, instead. This may be a period where you might meet a new friend! So keep your eyes open.

With Venus going direct, pulling yourself out of the depths of your own personal hell and despair will occur. Venus is like sunlight in our life.And happiness. Depression lifts. Hope comes back and pumps through our veins once more.

Whatever angst you’ve been having with your teenagers, children, spouse,are at an end. You can breathe a sigh of relief; things will be going back on track for them–and you.  Give people a smile, a touch, a kind word, too–even if you’re feeling like you’re being drawn and quartered yourself. Even if you don’t feel loved or very loving, reach out. Don’t retreat. Don’t pullback or away. Stand quietly in the center of your being and know that you are loved–deeply and all the time. Its just under a Venus retrograde, we really aren’t in touch with that knowing like we normally are.

Just because Venus is going direct, don’t stop hugging and touching–we need these in our life. It’s easier to reach out now. It’s a good day to say “I love you,” to those nearest you.

What you need to remember during this time:

We’ve gone through a tough time lately with all of these planetary shifts and retrogrades, but we need to keep our chin up. You can use these tough times and lessons learned to improve yourself, your life, and your relationships. there’s never a bad time to start doing something for yourself.

Venus going direct is the perfect time to sit back, and enjoy the ride. You’ve earned it.