The Spiritual Significance of the December Solstice And Your Horoscope For This Shift

This year, on December 21st, as the Sun shifts into the tenth zodiac sign of Capricorn, we experience the “sun standing still”, a critical point on the Sun’s cycle through the cosmos.

It is at this point that we enter into a new direction of energy and start moving towards a phase of completion.

Traditionally the Winter Solstice has been a time to honor darkness and to journey deep within to reflect, restore and nourish from the inside out.

Every living being on this planet is a reflection of dark and light. As beautiful as a rose is when it’s in full bloom, it too still needs to die and wither away into the darkness in order to be reborn. Just like the petals float away and the bud closes for the winter in order to regenerate, we too follow a similar process.

Nature is always providing us clues as to the cosmic energy around us and where Mother Earth is directing her attention. By following the rhythms and cycles of the Goddess Mother Earth, we too can bring harmony and equilibrium to our own state of being.

The Winter Solstice also represents the Sun shifting into the 10th sign of the zodiac, Capricorn. Capricorn energy is practical, grounded and forces us to really assess and reflect on our lives and the energy we are putting out into the world.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is very much the dark night of the soul and we experience the longest night of the year.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the December Solstice brings the longest day of the year, and is a time to let yourself shine. It is a time to express your full potential and allow your inner light to light up the world around you.

It is a time to celebrate and find joy. It is a time to use the full power of the Sun to achieve your dreams and go after your wishes. It is a time to light yourself up, and to see the world light up in turn.

Here is your personalized horoscope for this shift:


It’s imperative to stay optimistic as the Sun crosses through the darkness of the Winter Solstice point. Yes, it brings the longest night, but from this point on the light will grow. From the depths of darkness, a new world will be born. Keep your intention firm, your heart hopeful and your mind in a cheery state. The Sun is rising. A beneficial cycle of rejuvenation has begun. Great developments are in store, so make the most of it. The Universe will redeem your hard work and guide you to the land of bliss and infinite happiness. A strong tide of success is blowing over you.


Would you like to receive a huge boost to your self-confidence? Well, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what you’re going to get. The Winter Solstice will give you a hearty slap on the back that will transform your world. Prepare for an outburst of social interaction. It must also be said, that here is a romantic quality to this. You will be imbued with the charm and charisma worthy of a deity. I’m sure you won’t complain. You’ll soon be liberated from your worries and concerns.


The Winter Solstice will free you from certain troubling issues you’re contending with. Rest assured the fates have not abandoned you. They are intent on teaching you a valuable lesson by pitting you up against some challenges. It is quite normal for success to be preceded by a period of stress. It’s a good indication that you are entering a long period of relief and liberation. The Universe works in very mysterious ways, but it has your best interests at heart.


Difficulties, of late, have caused you to battle with a sense of unease and apprehension. The Winter Solstice will guide toward easing it. It will begin a new chapter in your life when you’ll learn how to think less and worry less. Here’s your chance to come up with a strategy to reach a goal that’s been eluding you. It’s going to be so easy. You’ll wonder where all the luck came from. This is a hugely positive turning point. You are about to experience a great reward for your perseverance. Your outlook is exceptionally encouraging.


What’s causing you angst now will not last. Over-indulging in powerful negative feelings is a debilitating past time. Get your mind off your worries. Don’t let them sap your energy. The Winter Solstice will make you understand that you needn’t be daunted by anything or anyone. You are well on the way to getting what you want. Stay clear of the negative. Embrace the positive. And you’ll soon be dancing with leprechauns and singing with the pixies. You’re best advised to not mention this to anyone.


The Winter Solstice will help you heal your well-known proclivity for worrying. This marks an important shift in your interesting life when you will undo your old habit of fretting over things that haven’t happened and probably never will. You’ll understand that you have the ability to overcome trepidation and replace it with an intrepid spirit. You have all that it takes to reach your goals and fulfil your dreams. This important solar juncture marks a turning point when you will discover your inner power. The lifestyle of your choosing is within your grasp.


The Winter Solstice will lead you to exactly what you need. There is the possibility, of course, that you don’t know what you need, since what you need may differ what you want. Life has dealt you some harsh events, but for you it’s like water off a duck’s back. What matters most is that you have the ability to bounce back. As a result, your outlook is unmistakably auspicious. It’s taking a fair old time to get your big dream up to speed, but the point of getting it off the ground has arrived. The doors to a new world have already begun to open.


The seeds of your future success are found in the thoughts that pass through your mind. This Winter Solstice will bring the assurance that your life is full of promise. Yes, things seem to be taking a long time, but that’s because you’ve got your nose to the grindstone. The more you trust the benevolent source that guides you, the faster you’ll get there. Something very auspicious is developing under the surface. Whether you’re aware of it yet doesn’t really matter. It’s there and it’s gaining momentum. A breath of new life is blowing into your world.


The Winter Solstice will shed some valuable light on how to sort out a difficult predicament which is based on erroneous impressions and misunderstandings. It will lead to a ground-breaking re-evaluation of an obdurate character you are dealing with. This crucial phase in the solar cycle will impress upon you that you are not a victim of circumstances. You are a powerful individual with the ability to steer your life down a path of your choosing.


The Winter Solstice will make you appreciate the importance of being earnest in your intentions and your methods. You’ve reached a point in your life when timing is important. Certain things need to be achieved within a shorter time frame. Your vision of the future needs to be clarified and perhaps even simplified. Avoid complications. Keep it simple. What is required is a firm and positive approach. So change the rules and lay down the law. Self-enforced discipline is not easy to accomplish, but you will succeed. That’s what will put you on the road to practical progress.


When you are happy you give off a radiant glow that draws people toward you. The Winter Solstice will introduce you to some stunning revelations about why you are here on planet Earth. Challenging scenarios in the past had a tendency to drag you down. Not any more. You’ll come to understand that things are never as dire as they seem, so say goodbye to an old dour outlook based on fear and say hello to the empowering emotion of joy. It will activate the powerful creator of destiny that resides within you. Life will never be the same again.


Knowing the truth is crucial to you. What you will learn will be most enlightening. It won’t not necessary to announce it to the world. Silence is a powerful tool. What is most important is that you know the truth. That’s what matters the most. The Sun’s journey through the Winter Solstice point will introduce you to the truth of a matter of great importance. This is a time of justice, of seeing what is really happening behind someone’s veil of obfuscation. Their convoluted agenda will expose itself quite naturally to everyone who needs to know.