January Starts With A Powerful Cleansing Shift: New Moon AND Solar Eclipse Bring BIG Changes

This new moon perfectly coincides with a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn for an incredible start to the new year.

The January 5-6th Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn lights up a new pathway and will be helping to unfold a new story-line in our lives.

We will also see the black moon, or new moon, on January 4th.

This is a powerful time for new beginnings, however we have to stay open to see exactly what new beginnings the Universe has in store for us. The path ahead may not be what it seems, so we have to keep listening and stay plugged in to the guidance of the Universe.

The Solar Eclipse January 2019 astrology is generally positive thanks to a close alignment with the harmonious fixed star Vega. This massive pale sapphire star in Lyra Constellation, the Harp, has an optimistic, generous, creative and poetic influence.

The January 2019 Solar Eclipse conjunct Saturn gives a serious and conservative influence but a helpful aspect to Neptune lightens the mood. This is an excellent solar eclipse for starting or growing a business. It is ideal for creative, musical and artistic projects and encourages acts of kindness and charity. With integrity and good intentions, it is possible to build your little project into a big business.

This can be a time of great satisfaction, with achievements, recognition and promotion. You could act as a rock for someone, or be looked up to because of your stability and wisdom. Structures in your life may need attending to. This can range from your physical home to how you organize your daily routine. This is a good solar eclipse to simplify and bring efficiency to your life. clutter your life and remove the dead wood to make your goals less complicated and easier to achieve.

Greater empathy and receptivity in your relationships will bring shared non-verbal understanding. This is a good eclipse to express your more caring and sensitive side by serving others. Doing so will boost your self-esteem and personal satisfaction. Group activities and spiritual work like meditation will bring inspiring insights, greater self understanding and contentment.

You will show patience and self discipline without denying yourself or making sacrifices. You can also help make other people’s dream come true now through practical help and through spiritual support and encouragement. Devotion and service to others will increase your spiritual awareness and understanding. This aspect is also associated with finding or building your dream home.

Following this Eclipse, we enter into the Eclipse Gateway or Portal, which is the time between Eclipses.

The next Eclipse comes on January 20th and this will be a Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo. This Eclipse is extremely potent, which is why it would be wise to use the gentler energy of the Solar Eclipse to recharge, dream big, aim high, and to think about your future.