7 Incredible Ways Empaths Make The World A Better Place

Empaths are unique, highly sensitive people who see and react to the world differently than most. Empathic people process sensory information much more intensely and deeply; they are incredibly sensitive to all the energy around them.  Empaths can actually pick up on the feelings, physical and emotional, (through energy) of other people; making them extremely compassionate and understanding.

This sensitivity usually leads Empaths to a sincere and strong desire to help people; so driven by it they often sacrifice their own well-being, without realizing it, to do so.  Empaths are the sensitive types who are drawn to making the world a better place; they are generally kind, loving and understanding in ways others cannot imagine being.

Here are 7 reasons why empaths make the world a better place:

1. They Understand Energy In Ways Most People Don’t

“Energy is everything and everything is energy”, Maria Flynn.  No statement about energy is more clear and true than this one, in my opinion.  We are beings of energy, and this energy has a vibration.  All living things have an energy vibration and even inanimate objects absorb energy; ever walk into someone’s home and felt an inexplicable and tense coldness?  Or a sincere welcoming warmth? That’s the energy of the space.  It is the vibration that Empaths are sensitive too; its how we read the world around us.  This is why places where there is a lot of energy in a compact area, like a crowded shopping mall for example, can be overwhelming for us; it’s an energy overload that can be draining.

2. They Use Energy To Heal Others

Energy healing is part of the Life Purpose for many Empaths, but it is also a vital practice for Empaths to have for their self-care.  As highly energy sensitive beings, we need to give our chakras consistent support so they are clear and balanced.  This helps us maintain a higher vibration and releases negative energy; ensuring we are in a state of optimal well-being. This also helps empaths to ensure others are living their best life possible as well.

3. They Practice Energy Protection

Being highly sensitive to energy means that Empaths absorb energy from their surroundings and other people.  Negative and positive energy is always present; it’s yin and yang.  Empaths can easily become imbalanced by absorbing too much energy and holding on to what isn’t necessarily theirs (pain, emotions, feelings, illness, etc).  Energy protection is simply a way to protect your energy field so you do not absorb what is not yours and create imbalances.

4. They Are Genuinely Authentic

Authenticity is truth.  Empaths crave truth; we are usually unable to spend time around dishonest people or corrupt situations.  It’s a part of our purpose to teach authenticity by being a living embodiment of it.  Authenticity means that we acknowledge our true feelings and strive to live in accordance with them.  For example, if you truly do not want to spend time with a certain group of people any longer, than you do not accept invitations to do so.

5. They Set Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are vital for the well-being of an empath.  It is NOT our purpose to fix people or help people who do not want help (we actually block the path for potential growth when we infringe on someone’s free will by continually offering help when it’s not requested).  Healthy boundaries mean we accept people for who they are (which is always their choice) and we act accordingly.  Acting accordingly means you respect the free will of people to do what they choose and you do not sacrifice your well-being for them.  There is a saying I love that helps me remember my boundaries, “not my pony, not my problem.” Focus on your path, it is the only one you can control.

6. They Practice Discernment

You must make choices that are for your highest good.  You cannot be an advocate for anyone else unless you are one for yourself!  As an empath, you must be very discerning not only about how you spend your time (avoiding low vibrating energy in entertainment, hobbies, work and social activities), but also who you spend your with.

7. They Have A Strong Sense Of Intuition, And They Listen To It

As an energy sensitive person, you can sense the energy of people and situations which gives you a keen intuitive insight.  Trust your senses and feelings.  When your Solar Plexus chakra (gut) is tense, that is a sign to pay attention because there is low vibrating energy around (it could be lying, anger, chaos, or other low vibe energy).  When you feel drawn to someone and at ease, that is a sign of resonating and harmonious energy.  You also will have intuitive thoughts, ideas, visions, dreams and knowledge; learn to follow and trust your intuitive feelings and remember, your intuition is a guidance system, not an explanation system.

If there’s one piece of guidance an empath needs to know, it’s this simple and powerful statement:

The changes you desire to create in the world, be them.  If you desire peace on Earth, live peacefully (because that happens one person at a time).  If you dislike corruption and dishonestly, live as an authentic and honest person.  If you want more people to be healthy, embrace improving your health as a top priority.  If you desire less nastiness, be kind.  Whatever you desire the world to be, be the example of it for others.