Venus Moves Into Sagittarius For A Major Shift. Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect

On 7 January 2019 love planet Venus enters adventurous Sagittarius, to stay until 3 February, 2019. Your Venus in Sagittarius horoscope awaits!

Venus in Sagittarius is like a breath of fresh air. After dark and broody Venus in Scorpio it brings a much-needed injection of optimism and fun!

“It’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy”

Venus rules love, beauty and money. It shows us what we value and find attractive – what’s hot and what’s not… Venus also rules money, so now until 3 February is a great time to seek new and untapped markets. This is not the time to play it safe!

Sagittarius is all about the thirst for adventure and new experience; the urge to keep on the move. It needs a lot of freedom and can get easily bored.

This transit of Venus in Sagittarius suits fire and air-signs, which are more independent, while making water and earth signs, which need greater security, feel potentially uneasy… Draw your free birth chart and see which of the 4 elements are more pronounced! No matter you star-sign, if you have Venus in a fire or air-sign this transit of Venus will awaken your own love-nature – even if it is at odds with the rest of your personality!

How does this transit affect your love life?

Single? Honesty is the best policy and can be used to great effect as a chat up line with Venus in Sagittarius!

Hitched? Time to breathe in some new life into your relationship! Go travelling together, embark on a course or start a new fun sporting activity to rekindle your love. Just find something fun and adventurous to share.

With Venus in Sagittarius love can become a quest. A ‘no strings attached’ attitude works best. Venus in Sagittarius loves to travel and nothing kills the fires of love faster than routine. There is a love of sport and the great outdoors here too, so this is a perfect time to pack your bags or put on your hiking gear and go exploring!

Your Venus in Sagittarius Horoscope

How does Venus in Sagittarius fire up your star sign? Where does it awaken your thirst for adventure?


Now is the best time to study a subject you love or go travelling. Enjoy all things foreign, and do things that open your mind. Legal outcomes may be favourable now. Publishing and broadcasting can be a source of pleasure now too. Maybe it’s time to invest in some beautiful new travel-gear.


You can enter fruitful financial collaborations now, get a loan, grant or tax-credit and seek favour with financial institutions. You may receive a generous gift or bonus. Honesty is good for your relationships now. Going abroad, philosophical discussions and the great outdoors bring you closer, letting things heat up with your partner.


It’s fun-time in your romantic relationships and business partnerships. Let your partner take you by the hand and into the great adventure! It is others that bring love and beauty into your life right now. Maybe, this is your cue to say yes to an exotic romantic getaway or an exciting new business deal!


Could it be that there is a work-assignment, which leaves you freedom to move whilst also giving you pleasure? Maybe your work takes you abroad, or gives you new and exciting horizons to explore. Co-workers seem to be cheerful and fun. Also, time to get that sporting gear out of the cupboard and get out in nature. It will do you the world of good!


Love and romance is oodles of fun right now. You may fall for someone new and exotic or breathe new life into your existing love relationship by exploring new frontiers. This is also the perfect time to go to Disneyland – or camping – with the kids or get out your paint-brushes. Let your inner child out and express yourself with abandon!


Time to breathe new life into your home – possibly with some fresh greenery or with beautiful, ethnic decorations and photos that remind you of your travels. Visiting a home abroad or taking a family holiday brings you pleasure. If you are the solitary type, you may enjoy making your home more aspirational and bright and spending some time philosophising by the fire…


A short trip can bring a real sense of fun and adventure right now. You thirst for greater room to roam, philosophical banter and exotic encounters. Maybe you feel like learning a foreign language or brushing up on your language skills? Or maybe you have a foreign beauty move in next door… Let your mind soar, feed your brain, go exploring and express yourself!


Money is a source of fun and pleasure right now, even if this means spending a little more… Time to indulge in the things you really find worthwhile. You may want to purchase new sporting gear or a yummy piece for your wardrobe, or you may be ready for some pampering to preserve your gorgeous youthful looks! There may also be some travel, legal or educational expenses – but if so, you will be happy with your investment.


The goddess of love and beauty is here to increase your allure and help you revamp your image! If you have been waiting for the right moment to get a new haircut or renew your wardrobe, now is the time! Pick a few exotic pieces that bring out the free spirit in you. This is also a good moment to get sporty and tone up. You may also feel like indulging a little in the things that make you happy too – and why not? Go natural…


Your body’s and spirit’s healing abilities are on top form, so why not give yourself a little bit of space to rest? Spiritual pursuits bring pleasure. The kind of adventure that interests you most right now is the one that lets you disengage from worldly troubles. This is the perfect time for a spa-break or spiritual retreat. Any activity that allows for physical or psychological recuperation is fabulous. Whatever else may be going on in your life, make sure to get some precious me-time, where you will not be disturbed. That’s what will give you the most joy.


You have a gorgeous, colourful social scene going, with folk popping up to say hi from all corners of the world. Make time to meet friends, gather allies and engage with the world around you now, for it is likely to be oodles of fun. This is also the perfect time to set far-reaching goals and invest in your dreams. You may find that there are quite a few enthusiasts on your side…


Could a promotion be on the cards? You are in for public adulation of some kind. Whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it for you are surely looking good! Public speaking or other such engagements are going to go swimmingly now and it is time to extend your influence a little wider – maybe even beyond the national borders… Spread your wings!