Brace Yourself For Uranus Direct In Taurus- What Each Sign Needs To Know

The rebel planet moves from chaotic Aries into stubborn Taurus for some changes we might not be ready for.

Uranus is the planet of shocks and surprises, and while in retrograde it was inhibiting our urges to express dramatic thoughts and ideas — not to mention Mother Nature’s urges to erupt. Now this period of relative quiet is coming to an end, and we may experience those urges to erupt as dramatic global events and personal breakthroughs — some brilliant and some disturbing — especially due to Uranus’ transit through Aries and into Taurus.

Revolutionary Uranus forced an uncomfortable calm when it went retrograde back in August of 2018, keeping us from making the important changes we felt brewing beneath the surface.

But when Uranus turns direct just after the New Year, on January 6, 2019, all of those urges we had been suppressing for those five months erupted on a personal and global scale.

Uranus is the planet of shocks and surprises, but it was inhibited while in retrograde. It’s been a period of relative quiet, but when it’s direct we may experience both brilliant and disturbing ideas and events.

Uranus in Aries represents sudden and unexpected events, including wild weather and political uprisings — all of which we’ve seen during its time in this sign.

So if you think the past five months have been chaotic, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Get ready and brace yourself for more of the unexpected now that Uranus is moving into the sign of Taurus.

This is all part of the transformational times we’re living in, and as frightening as it may be, such change is needed to redirect humanity toward a better future. Here we go!


The principle of “like attracts like” is operating at full capacity today. You can stir up some very positive energy in your career or in community affairs simply by stepping outside your front door while the Capricorn New Moon Eclipse activates your 10th House of Public Life. It’s when you are shoulder to shoulder with peers or supervisors that others get a close-up view of your endless enthusiasm and impressive talent. Your mind is a powerful tool of manifestation. Use your thoughts wisely for optimal results.


Cosmic vibes are right for enjoying an art exhibit or musical event today. If you are craving inspiration, searching for a new hobby, or simply setting your mind free to roam, the Capricorn New Moon Eclipse in your 9th House of Big Ideas is on your side today. Through a deep appreciation of the creativity, ingenuity, or expertise of others, the sparks of your own original thinking become bright enough to ignite a passionate fire in your heart. In one area or another, an educational adventure is poised to begin.


Your instincts tell you to buckle down and do some serious number crunching today. And it’s possible that your bank account or significant other is sending a similar message, especially if you’ve recently done some big spending over the holidays. The Capricorn Solar Eclipse occurs in your 8th House of Shared Resources, reminding you that it’s time to be focused where money is concerned. Reset a few priorities and rock your financial management skills like a boss. A good plan is a game-changer. Confidence glows when everything adds up.


You’re acutely aware of what you’re looking for from another today, in friendship, in romance, or even in an everyday interaction. Since you are perfectly willing to uphold your end of the accepted social protocol in nearly any given situation, you expect others to perform the same courtesy. The Capricorn New Moon Eclipse energizes your 7th House of Relationships, making you hyper-alert to the subtle dynamics of interpersonal give-and-take. It’s proper balance that you’re after and you are unwilling to settle for anything less.


You’re in the mood to make big improvements the moment your eyes pop open today. The how of things doesn’t matter to you nearly as much as does the purposefulness of your actions while the Capricorn Solar Eclipse rattles your 6th House of Daily Routine. You want to be able to measure the positive difference you are making in real terms now, like time saved, batteries changed, and shoes polished. Your heart is happy if everything you touch is more efficient, cleaner, or better organized than when you found it.


Memories of favorite pastimes from childhood may dance through your dreams or sneak into your thoughts today. The urge to do something the old-school way comes on strong, and you might be tempted to temporarily abandon GPS in favor of a crinkly, paper map, or to cook something from scratch instead of popping leftovers into the microwave. The Capricorn New Moon Eclipse accentuates your 5th House of Recreation, prompting a healthy jog down Memory Lane. Look up an old pal and the fun multiplies.


Your skill at maintaining objectivity serves you exceptionally well today. You’re all business about domestic affairs or a familial gathering as the Capricorn New Moon Eclipse triggers your 4th House of Roots. Of course, these issues might not work out seamlessly when old feelings or longtime rivalries between housemates or relatives enter the picture. But doing your best to stay focused on what’s important when things get hectic sets an amazing example of leadership for others to follow. Claim your well-earned point of pride and bask in the light of admiration.


A close friend’s words typically wash over you like a gentle, warm, and inviting wave, making it all the more of a wake-up call when what’s said hits you like a ton of bricks. Messages are stripped down to the bare essence and delivered in no-nonsense terms when the Capricorn Solar Eclipse falls in your 3rd House of Communications. Even if facts aren’t pretty now, they’re valuable. A plan launched today has every chance of beneficially panning out over time. If the advice is sound, don’t just listen when you should initiate immediate action.


Your inclination is to stick with the tried-and-true approach today. You’re oddly attracted to conventional decisions as the Capricorn New Moon Eclipse lands in your practical 2nd House of Money. If a spending or saving strategy has worked well in the past, there’s little temptation to shake it up now. You’re drawn toward the comforts of stability and security in other areas of your life, as well. Temporarily turning down the inner volume on striding and striving offers your body, mind, and soul a chance to recoup, regroup, and relax.


Watching something methodically play out exactly according to plan is a source of pleasure to you on any given day, but even more so today. The Capricorn New Moon polarizes your 1st House of Self, revitalizing your confidence and giving the seal of approval to your methodology. Bravely step up to the plate when it’s your turn at bat during this Solar Eclipse. You possess all the necessary tools and talents to hit one out of the park.


If you want to find an apple, you’re better off visiting the orchard than the corn field. The Capricorn New Moon Eclipse emphasizes your 12th House of Fog, requiring you to carefully examine the way you’re approaching a situation where progress is slow or has come to a halt. Some rearrangements or readjustments are required before forward motion can resume. Carefully define what you’re trying to achieve. Private consultations or quiet studies may inspire a necessary breakthrough. When the hazy cloud lifts, you’ll be ready to launch into action.


Your heart and mind are most at ease when you like what you see and hear around you. It might be the sound of busy neighbors cheerfully bustling about or maybe it’s the wit and intelligence of a fine group of friends engaging in a lively debate. It could even be the shining eyes of a child, a pet, or your love mate. There is both security and empowerment to be found in your associations with others today as the Capricorn Solar Eclipse spotlights your 11th House of Groups and Sharing. An attitude of gratitude is a terrific lens in which to view your world.