Are You Being Held Back? Choose One Card And Reveal The Forces Working Against You

Unfortunately, when it comes to taking a bold step, for some reason, people do not commit to their dreams and postpone the fulfillment of their ideas. They complain about the lack of productivity, inspiration, and luck.

Eventually, they settle for mediocre life, second-rate accomplishments, and a huge bunch of unrealized ambitions.

However, if you can determine what is actually holding you back from achieving your goals in life, then maybe, just maybe, you can deter the forces working against you and come out on top.

Choose one of these cosmic portals to determine which negative forces are working against you:

1. Procrastination

From the very beginning when you get your idea born, you start postponing the starting point of its fulfillment till “better times”.

You always bear it in your mind but never take an action. It seems like you are waiting for some miracle, for some lightning of inspiration and energy to strike you and make you act.

It’s not going to happen. There is no better time to take an action. The best time is now.

Once you generate an idea, invest some time in order to conduct a small research and validate its relevance. The sooner you start doing something the sooner you’ll enjoy the results of your fruitful work.

Never let yourself postpone anything. Adopt a habit of acting. There won’t be a better chance to fulfill your idea or complete the current task. The best time for action is now.

2. Doubts

When you think too much, you usually end up with a huge bunch of doubts, that often make you change your mind. All that fail statistics, your friends’ tales and even bad weather forecast easily become an origin of uncertainty.

You should not be bothered by someone’s failure story. Because, it happened to somebody, not you.

You should not be bothered by your friends’ advice either. Usually, they don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

You should not be bothered too much by the risks. You would rather be inspired by opportunities.

Stop doubting yourself. You are smarter than you think and stronger than you believe.

3. Fear

All those accumulated doubts can easily transform into fears. That feeling of uncertainty eventually makes you be afraid of taking the first step.

Fear is what paralyzes you and stops you from acting.

The only remedy that cures your fears is action. Only via confident action you can enter your area of discomfort and expand your comfort zone.

Fear is what holds you back. Every time you postpone the meeting with your fears, you automatically postpone the realization of your dreams. Having made the first step towards vanquishment of your fears, you are already halfway towards your goal.

4. Distraction

Distraction is definitely one of the worst enemies of young entrepreneurs and beginners of different spheres. Staying focused and dedicated is crucial while working on the project. Every single accomplishment is about attention and commitment.

Every time you switch attention to another object, your concentration vanishes. You lose ideas and thoughts that have been circulating in your head for the last few minutes. Then it takes some precious time to restore your focus completely and get down to work again. It merely kills your productivity and makes your performance suck.

The only way to stay productive and constantly produce the results of high quality is to remain focused with all the attention concentrated on the current workflow.

Have a set time to work on your project. Choose a place to work. It needs to be time and space you feel comfortable to work at and can be sure nobody would disturb you at. Switch your smartphone off and leave no chances to be interrupted by unnecessary calls and messages.